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Frontier:222nm Safe UVC Inactivates Virus

After the outbreak of COVID-19, the world is searching for an effective solution. A research team led by Dr. Brenner, Dr. Buonanno from Columbia University present a possible one.
In 2015, USHIO acquired the global usage right and conducted further research in hospitals and institutions.

Dr.Brenner explained the safety and effectiveness of 222 nm UV in a TED talk.
Ushio America is marketing this product with Acuity Brands.
In the last few years, scients from US, Japan, UK, Germany and Singapore has evaluated the 222nm UVC.
When the fluence is the same, 222 nm UVC is more effective than 254 nm UVC in killing virus.
222 nm UVC can inactive many different types of virus.
222 nm UVC inactivates 99.87% virus from 2 meters away in 10 minutes;
inactivates 99.84% virus in 40 seconds when distance is 0.5 meters.

For more research, please refer to:
4/15/2020: Kobe University-Ushio Inc. Joint Study Shows Repetitive Irradiation with 222nm UV-C Does Not Cause Skin Cancer
4/9/2020: New Kobe University skin and eye safety research for 222nm light
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