Projector Lamp Models

Complete modules you can plug and play, with worry-free warranty.


Projector Brands

Thoroughly cover projector brands in the mainstream market.


Options: OEM and Generics

Bulbs and modules, OEM and Generic lamps. Flexible to meet your needs.

Ultra High Pressure and Short Arc:Projector & Stage Lighting

Works under:
200 air pressure
1000 celcus degrees..
discharge around 1mm arc gap...
produce visible light with brightness approximately 12,000 lumens(200W)!
Embed in various lamp housings, compatible with many models projectors and stage lights.

Reflector:molding and coating

Quartz re-shaping and multi-layer optical coating

Optical coating and UV filtering

Vacum state multi-layer optical coating for reflectors to ensure film adherence in harsh conditions without peeling off,maintain optical reflection performance.